Kids use crayons all the time to color and draw, but have you ever asked what is the crayon made of and how can science make it more environmentally friendly.  Student scientists at ECOTEK Lab have come up with a unique and fun way to make biodegradable crayons.

Crayons made from our EarthCrayons science kit are biodegradable and are produced from a unique blend of earth-friendly based materials.  They are less harmful than crayons made from traditional materials.

Materials included in kit

  • Bio-Flakes
  • Crayon Mold
  • Wooden Stir Stick
  • Crayon Pigment
  • Composting Soil
  • Measuring Spoon set
  • Temperature Strip
  • Student Worksheet

Materials not included in kit

  • Hot Plate
  • Beaker Tongs
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  • Item #: 003
  • Manufacturer: Ecotek Labs
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